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Every 10 minutes, a life is lost due to Pressure Ulcers (PU)
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Nearly 1 out of every 10 hospital patients experiences a Pressure Ulcer (PU).
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Late diagnosis or misdiagnosis can lead to the progression of pressure ulcers to advanced stages.
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Advanced PU not only cause significant patient discomfort, morbidity, and mortality but also contribute to 60% of PU treatment costs.
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With an aging population and a shortage of nursing staff, the challenge of preventing and managing PU is expected to escalate. 
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Innovative system that integrates a contactless sensor array with AI algorithms for early detection of pressure ulcers (PU)


Monitors and combines multiple physiologic and physical parameters to alert for the onset of PU and identifies its location

Autonomic & continuous

Operates autonomously 24/7, requiring minimal Healthcare involvement

High value

Improves clinical outcome and reduces up to 80% of related healthcare costs

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